hi! I'm Chris and I'm a people & food photographer in Boston, MA. I love my city, our restaurants, our cafes, our green spaces, all the dogs and cats and bunnies, and all the amazing work that goes on here.

My first photographs were of my friends who were terrible at skateboarding in middle school. Since then I haven't stopped compulsively capturing what's around me. I stumbled around darkrooms in high school and college, and jumped straight into freelance work upon earning a BFA in fine art photography.

I thrive from strong relationships with my clients. So many of the people, restaurants, & nonprofits I work I have genuine, caring relationships with. This passion and intimacy is key to creating the kind of dynamic imagery that stands out in a crowded world. 

I find joy in drinking really good coffee, making music, riding bikes, and learning new things.

contact me if you've got a project in mind, or just to say hello!

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