monthly / annual services

everyone needs more content. New menu? Get new content. Old menu but you've used the same photo 18 times? Get new content. Trying to figure out what pleases The Algorithm™ this month? New content. Want to explore a new creative concept but don't want to organize a whole day shoot? Shoot me a message.  

I offer a convenient content production package to consistently provide dynamic new content at a more affordable rate. Simplifying things is good for me, and good for you.

If  you're a restaurant owner, PR person, social media manager, small brand, private chef, etc - this is for you. let's chat about making your life easier! 


1 hour shoot monthly - priority scheduling 

$3685 billed annually ($515 savings)

Motion package (perfect for reels & GIFs) - $950  ($4635 total)


2 hour shoot every 3 months

$2520 billed annually ($280 savings)

Motion package - $440 ($2960 total)

can always be applied to multiple venues - i.e. if you manage 6 restaurants or brands you may alternate between them, & purchase additional subscriptions on an as-needed basis.

This is not fast, influencer-style content. Every image is well lit & lovingly styled by a photographer with over a decade of experience making food look great and people happy - condensed into short, focused shoots. 

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