monthly / annual services

Everyone needs more content. New menu? Get new content. Old menu but you've used the same photo 18 times? Get new content. Trying to figure out what pleases The Algorithm™ this month? New content. This is the way to get more Content™ for less. 

if you have a really good feeling about working with me, and want to lock in a lower rate, this is how.

If  you're a restaurant owner, PR person, social media manager, small brand, private chef, etc - this is for you. let's chat about making your life easier! 


also known as "buying 12 photoshoots"

12 one hour sessions - priority scheduling 

$4225 paid upfront ($515 savings)


4 two hour sessions

$2920 paid upfront ($240 savings)

This is not fast, influencer-style content. Every image is well lit & lovingly styled by a photographer with over a decade of experience making food look great and people happy - condensed into short, focused sessions. 

let's talk! 

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